A new Kalyaka-Malyaka catalog has been put out

Вышел в свет каталог «Каляка-Маляка 2011»The FARM company has put out a new Kalyaka-Malyaka catalog for children’s creativity. It presents both popular & traditional products as well as a number of new items, such as modeling clay, ball clay, pencil sharpeners, colouring books & pearl drawing gel.
The Kalyaka-Malyaka 2011 gives colourful & complete information about the whole brand product line, beginning from the detailed product descriptions & their benefits & ending with their packed & unpacked vivid photos. Its well structured & decorated traditionally with bright & colourful themed child crafts.
Compared with last year’s Kalyaka-Malyaka catalog, the new issue has a new “Marketing support” section, the brand new items are marked with special signs. A harder cover will prolong its life.
The Kalyaka-Malyaka presents an optimal product line for children’s creativity. The products are designed for preschoolers & elementary school students.