The school FORMAT brand took part in the educational project by ABC publishing house set up prizes for the A-class book customers.
The students buying the books – “Learning the letters”, “Improving your speech” & “Improving logics” can take part in writing stories, reciting tongue twisters & choosing the right words contests. The winners will get diplomas & schoolFORMAT pencil sets.
The book creators used simple & plain techniques which can help every child to develop basic skills. They will help first graders learn to write.
Read , count, & draw – they can colour ready stencils just on the pages. According to the authors the welcoming attitude towards the readers lots of information , openness & creativity will let the students learn the basics even without adult involevement.
The books have a total circulation of 30 000 copies. The cover of every book wears the schoolFORMAT logo on. These new items can be purchased in book shops.