Kalyaka-Malyaka is 10!

This year Kalyaka-Malyaka® celebrates a remarkable anniversary - it turns 10! During this time, the brand has gone through a short, but very interesting development path.

In March 2004, first Kalyaka-Malyaka products appeared at the market. At the beginning, the range of the brand consisted of gouache and watercolor paintings, by the end of the year the range rose to seven positions – albums and play dough began to sell. Year after year, demand was growing, the trademark was becoming more and more popular, the number of its admirers was increasing. Along with appearing customers` interest, the number of brand’s different products was increasing – now it is more than 200 kinds of products.

Since its first year, Kalyaka-Malyaka has been having dialogue with mothers and children, who have just started exploring the world around them through creativity. Annually all over the country competitions of children's crafts and drawings have being held, in which thousands of children take part. The most popular, both among the fans of the brand and those who are just being introduced to it, is the competition “To Disneyland with Kalyaka-Malyaka”, which has become annual. It was launched in 2012. The competition for the main prize - a family trip to Paris Disneyland - encourages young artists to a qualitatively new creative development and gives rise to a healthy spirit of competition. In addition, creative workshops have become an adornment of any city festival.

Kalyaka-Malyaka also settled in the World Wide Web. On the pages of it’s website and in the groups in social media, advanced moms and dads can gain a lot of useful information for creative development and education of their child. Video workshops count thousands of views and reposts. Parents are enjoying creating with their children thanks to the ideas and photo instructions, which are periodically updated on the website and in social media channels.

Kalyaka-Malyaka is reaching new heights in communication with its customers - online. For instance, parents can turn to a psychologist in the group in Vkontakte for help and receive a professional consultation pretty fast or ask any question about the products. Brand, in its turn, receives various responses from parents about the quality of the products and opinions, for example, about novelties.

Brand has been attracting new customers for 10 years and now there are more than 12000 retail outlets work with our trademark. Kalyaka-Malyaka continues to evolve and inspire. There are still more discoveries ahead, yet more happy children and parents.


Create with your little one!

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