ARTformat offers ready-made options for creative work at home – DIY kits and single items. It makes the working process very simple: packaging of all products contains detailed instruction, clear user guide and interesting ideas for craft projects. All materials and tools are of the best quality and comply with actual standard. ARTformat provides great chance for anyone to create unique hand-made things, without having any special artistic skills.

The range of ARTformat products is focused on several areas: Decoration, Acrylic painting, Gouache painting, Watercolor Painting, Graphics, Scrapbooking (method of designing photo books and greeting cards), Quilling (art form that involves the use of rolled strips of paper), Mosaic, Origami and Gift Wrapping.

The main advantages of ARTformat products are:

∙ A comprehensive range of goods
∙ Products are specially designed for non-professionals and beginners
∙ An integral approach
∙ Easy-to-understand instructions